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Cathodic Protection

Are you looking for Cathodic Protection Services?

Cathodic protection is used to provide corrosion control to a variety of structures in soils, concrete, and natural waters. It is used globally to protect pipelines, water treatment plants, ship and boat hulls, above & underwater storage tanks, offshore production platforms, reinforcement bars in concrete structures and piers, and more.

Elzly’s Cathodic Protection Design Services Offer:

  • Testing and evaluation of cathodic protection design alternatives in the field or laboratory
  • Cathodic protection for marine, industrial, and concrete structures using galvanic and impressed current systems
  • Development of design and maintenance specifications
  • Cathodic protection training
  • Cathodic protection and CP/coating compatibility
  • Application of cathodic protection and corrosion inhibitors

Why Use Elzly on Your Next Project?

Elzly has a broad background in cathodic protection design that includes basic research, field studies, monitoring operating systems, and industrial cathodic protection design.  The integration of this knowledge allows for the development of cost-effective solutions or answers to your pressing cathodic protection questions.

Elzly’s Cathodic Protection Design Services Can Help With the Following:

  • Cathodic Protection design for different applications
  • Relative performance of alternative designs and materials
  • Tracking / monitoring of existing CP systems to ensure adequate corrosion control
  • Training to recognize problems 
  • Laboratory qualification of anode materials and coatings 
  • Resolve questions about pipeline coating shielding

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