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Elzly Corrosion Engineering Services

Engineering Studies

Corrosion Engineering Surveys

It is not always obvious which corrosion control technologies are best suited or most cost-effective to provide the desired durability or service life. Elzly engineers perform investigations of specific corrosion control technologies, life-cycle analyses of various corrosion control alternatives, and development of engineering-based recommendations for our clients. Our advice has reduced maintenance costs and improved operational readiness for a broad range of clients.

Corrosion Surveys

Quantifying the impact of corrosion or the magnitude of effort required to control it requires current, accurate information on asset condition. Elzly engineers have surveyed the corrosion condition of a wide range of infrastructure and equipment including military vehicles, ships, bridges, storage tanks, culverts and pumping / piping systems. In addition to performing the surveys, Elzly specializes in analyzing the data to help our clients make decisions such as determining long-range maintenance needs or quantifying the benefit of corrosion control approaches.

Design Review

Corrosion control design details are often performed by non-specialists in cooperation with technology vendors. While this can be an effective way to design systems, having a corrosion specialist review the design can ensure that the system will perform as intended and often results in low cost, high value improvements. Elzly engineers review and comment on corrosion control designs including the use of protective coatings, inhibitors, cathodic protection or corrosion resistant materials. Our engineers have participated in value engineering studies, design review teams and review of numerous purchase specifications.

Failure Analysis and Expert Witness Services

Coating failure analysisElzly engineers and consultants perform failure analysis and provide expert assistance with mediation and legal activities. Failure analysis is similar to detective work. Gathering basic information about the problem includes reviewing specifications, obtaining documents such as inspectors logs and product data sheets, and holding discussions with people involved in the project. A detailed on-site investigation can be performed to gather data such as the type and extent of failure. Samples may be taken for laboratory analysis, in which case decisions must be made as to what tests are needed. The field and laboratory data are then analyzed, and a hypothesis is developed. Once it can be shown that all the data, observations and laboratory tests fit the hypothesis, conclusions can be drawn and recommendations made.

corrosion Expert Witness ServicesWhen a lawsuit occurs or is contemplated, the use of an independent, outside expert witness adds credence to the case and usually results in settlement before court. Elzly Senior Consultants have the credentials to serve as outside experts in cases involving protective coatings, cathodic protection and metallic corrosion. Services commonly provided include assistance during discovery, evaluation of documents, explaining technical issues to attorneys, appearance at depositions, assistance in preparing interrogatories, and court appearances.

Preliminary Design and Specification Development

Corrosion control technologies such as protective coatings and cathodic protection can be complicated to install in some circumstances. Elzly develops detailed engineering specifications and work procedures to ensure that the proper materials are installed correctly to achieve the performance objectives in the most cost-effective manner. Depending on the scope of the project, we will work with the primary designer or directly with the owner.


Feasibility Assessments

When considering a new technology for use in a specific circumstance, it is often prudent to conduct a demonstration or prototype to determine what obstacles might be encountered. Elzly has worked with many clients to perform test applications of coating processes or alternative material evaluations in the environment of interest.


Research & Testing

Elzly performs applied research and testing in the evaluation of coating systems, corrosion control technologies and alternative materials selection. We combine basic science with practical engineering knowledge to fully investigate issues and develop tailored solutions that provide optimum performance while minimizing life-cycle costs. Our staff routinely performs laboratory simulation and investigation of technologies transitions those tests to field demonstrations and supports implementation of fielded solutions. Using an approach of applied research and testing to complement our engineering studies allows us to provide the best mix of technical and cost-effective solutions, maximizing return on investment for our clients.