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Corrosion Engineering

Are you looking for Corrosion Engineering Services?

It is not always obvious which corrosion control technologies are best suited or most cost-effective to provide the desired durability or service life. Elzly engineers perform investigations of specific corrosion control technologies, life-cycle analyses of various corrosion control alternatives, and development of corrosion engineering based recommendations for our clients. Our advice has reduced maintenance costs and improved operational readiness for a broad range of clients.

Elzly’s Corrosion Engineering Services Offer:

  • An assessment of material selection, preservation methods, and design on corrosion likelihood.
  • Projections of service life and maintenance intervals
  • Corrosion control specifications
  • Design assessments based on field experience

Why Use Elzly on Your Next Project?

Elzly principal staff is comprised of professional engineers.  We seek to provide data-driven answers to your corrosion problems with a practical assessment of the life cycle benefits of alternative approaches.  Elzly staff is also used to being part of multi-disciplinary teams to integrate corrosion control into large scale construction projects.

Elzly’s Corrosion Engineering Design Services Can Help With the Following:

  • Failure / performance analysis of existing solutions
  • Corrosion-problematic aspects within design
  • Probable maintenance needs
  • Recommended improvements and cost estimates

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