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Corrosion Research and Testing

Are you looking for Corrosion Research and Testing Services?

Elzly staff has more than 30 years’ experience in corrosion testing and research.  This runs from benchtop testing to construction of scale model industrial equipment for operational testing

Elzly’s Corrosion Research and Testing Services Offer:

  • Novel test equipment to carefully mimic the exposure conditions of specific equipment
  • Accelerated testing using commercial and custom build test cabinets to accommodate a range of test panels
  • Natural exposure testing, often performed in parallel to accelerated testing
  • Use of advanced sensors and electrochemistry to measure corrosion

Why Use Elzly on Your Next Project?

Most testing protocols rely on the application of standard test protocols.  Unfortunately, no single standard process can address the unique operating parameters and environment that control corrosion on your equipment.  We specialize in the design of custom test apparatus to address your specific questions.

Elzly’s Corrosion Research and Testing Services Can Help With the Following:

  • Solving corrosion problems on sophisticated designs
  • Resolving root cause problems on equipment where standardized testing failed to recommend best practices
  • Integration of multiple design factors such as environmental conditions, physical stress, and part design into corrosion solutions

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