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Corrosion Survey Services

Are you looking for Corrosion Survey Services?

Quantifying the impact of corrosion or corrosion control requires current and accurate information on asset condition. Elzly engineers have surveyed the corrosion condition of a wide range of infrastructure and equipment including military vehicles, ships, bridges, storage tanks, culverts and pumping / piping systems.

Elzly’s Corrosion Survey Services Offer:

  • Customized inspection protocols to collect data amenable to a client’s nomenclature
  • Inspection and data collection using hand-held devices and existing software interfaces to consolidate, error-check, and summarize inspection data in near real time.
  • Post-survey data analysis
  • Trained field inspectors.

Why Use Elzly on Your Next Project?

Elzly understands that each inspection project can be unique.  We customize our tools to “speak your language” so the data is most valuable.   Our inspectors are also trained corrosion engineers and technicians that can appreciate the nuances of the inspection protocol to best gather data.

Elzly’s Corrosion Survey Services Can Help With the Following:

  • Equipment condition inspections and ratings
  • Ratings based on coatings, corrosion, and structural deterioration impacts
  • Projected longevity of structures
  • Prioritization of repairs and long-term maintenance strategies 

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